Bashing Buttons Episode 9

Published On March 18, 2016 | By Sean Harrison | Podcasts

In episode nine, we both buy VR headsets, talk about why Nintendo is doing better than both Sony & Microsoft put together, and chat about the worst games we’ve been addicted to.


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04:48 – What are we playing?

33:57 – Steam Roulette

48:20 – News

1:01:02 – New Releases

1:04:08 – Caught Our Eyes

1:08:42 – Mailbag

1:30:14 – WE GO NOW

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Steam Roulette:


Soul Gambler

Click this image of Captain Planet to find out which Steam Roulette game was more favoured this week..


Putting together a cardboard VR unit

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What Caught Our Eye This Week:

Wii U has twice as many top-rated exclusive games as PS4 and Xbox One combined



The Division Dark Zone max rank is actually 99, not 50.