The Ink Ribbon #01 – Street Fighter V News, Ready Player One, Game Collector Pickups

Published On May 31, 2016 | By Stephen Johnston | Blogs

I’ve been struggling to name this new feature. Basically it’s just a weekly journal, a place to chat. I nearly settled on ‘Ste-You’ but it sounded a little bit Nintendo fused with the Chuckle Brothers. It’s my platform or soapbox so yes, you guessed it – it’s obviously going to be quite self-indulgent.

The Street Fighter Minute

Those who listen to the podcast may know I like Street Fighter 5 quite a bit. I’m dangerously close to tipping Sean (and some of our listeners) over the edge with my constant chattering on about it. So, with that in mind I plan to get some of it out of the way here. Welcome to the Street Fighter minute!

Saying that, I’ve been away from Street Fighter 5 the last couple of weeks. I’m not really sure why. It could be due to Uncharted 4 hitting us, or that I’m nearly at breaking point waiting for online games. The latest character reveal just might be enough to pull me back in. Rumoured to be Balrog, Ibuki was actually announced. She appeared in 3 and 4’s roster, and going from the trailer, she looks a little more technical than her previous incarnations. I have to agree with some of the comments I’ve read, she does have a little MK Cyrax thing going on! Anyway, no news on her release date, and we’re stumbling into June which is story mode time…

Ready Player One

I recently finished Ernest Cline’s pop culture littered adventure, and loved every page. If you’re not aware of it then make sure it’s on your reading list! It’s set in the future where most people are plugged into a social network built within a virtual world called the OASIS. Its creator died leaving an easter egg hunt contest with the prize being his vast fortune and control over the OASIS. The story follows a young boy called Wade as he attempts to win the content. It’s sort of Willy Wonka meets The Matrix. Steven Spielberg is set to direct the film version due next year, and I can’t wait.

Anyway, I mention it here as I was really inspired by the creative use of VR. We’re just now reaching a point where VR isn’t a dirty word, and it makes me wonder if that’s where social networking is going. When will we be setting up our 3D avatars in a 3D version of facebook? It’s easy to be a little worried about it but I have to say I’m excited.

Until then let’s ‘conjure up the dream’ and remember the 90s…


Cheap games alert! This week I picked up Soulcalibur 4 (PS3) and Red Steel 2 (Wii). I’ve decided to collect fighting games hence the SC pickup, but I’ve never played Red Steel 2. I’ve heard it’s much better than the first, and I’m interested how precise it is as it uses the Wii Motion Plus controls.

A couple of cheap pick ups today #gamecollector

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That’s it for this week.

Ste Out!