MCM Liverpool Comic Con 2016

Published On March 16, 2016 | By Stephen Johnston | Blogs, Events

The first MCM Comic Con took place in Liverpool this weekend and I was there to check it out. Sure, there was plenty of Star Wars, Marvel and DC stuff in attendance but what about any gaming?

A hefty queue awaited us as we approached the Exhibition Centre but we didn’t mind. It was quite impressive that they managed to get such a good turn out for the first event in the city. Once in, we navigated through the pop culture mass maze to look for a gaming presence. Comic Con doesn’t exclusively scream “gaming” but we came across a few good instances.

I was initially a bit cynical about the presence of CEX. There’s at least one in every city so what’s the point? In actual fact their stall was quite fun. As well as a mini version of their shop they had a branded vehicle, an inflatable shark and free chocolate! OK I admit, I’m a sucker for free chocolate. Let’s move onto the indie stalls.


The main retro gaming stall had a bit of everything which is always good for retro collectors looking for some inspiration. It was a bit of a shame however as some of the prices were really hefty! I saw a copy of Defender for the Atari 2600 going for £35. I had previously picked this up for £5 at another fair. Also, it’s not that surprising for boxed consoles to reach as high as £150, but I’d expect the packaging to be in better condition for the price. Overall, I was happy with the variety they had to offer, just not the prices.


Next up was a dedicated Nintendo Game Boy stall. They had HUNDREDS of games for reasonable prices. It was my favourite stall by far. In retrospect I’m a bit gutted I didn’t pick anything up. There’s always that “I’ll come back later” mentality at fairs which almost never goes to plan. They also had various Game Boys including SPs, Micros and cool looking modded models.


Away from the gaming stalls there was also a chance to play a few games. A few meaning League of Legends, Super Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter 5. Odd choices but kind of makes sense when you consider how popular the franchises are for eSports.


Talking of Street Fighter, it was really cool seeing it represented in cosplay. We did spot quite a few gaming characters such as an awesome Big Daddy and Little Sister of Bioshock fame.

There was tonnes of gaming merchandise at the convention. Whether it was retro bead jewellery or a mug for any recent game, you were covered.


Having completed a few laps, stopping only to grab a hotdog in-between (with “Spidey’s Onions”), we succumb to the fact that we were absolutely knackered and collapsed outside of the main area. It was a great debut for MCM Comic Con in Liverpool. I was really happy that there was enough of a gaming presence to inspire me to want to come back next year.