Nintendo Badge Arcade Gotta Grab ‘Em All

Published On November 24, 2015 | By Stephen | Blogs

Nintendo are utilising the pay to play trend. This is what happens when Nintendo catch up.

So Nintendo announced this little game through its Direct the other day so I though I’d check it out. It’s a free download through the 3DS store and it’s kinda fun. Actually, no. It’s scraping the barrel in terms of fun but it’s there if you squint your eyes and pretend you’re having a good time. That kind of fun.

The idea is simple. It’s an arcade crane game where you control a grabber with aim to grab badges. These badges can be placed on your 3DS home screen. You get free attempts from time to time but it’s gonna push you to pay otherwise. In a nutshell that’s it. So why am I still talking?

Nintendo Badge Arcade Nintendo Badge Arcade

I just find it interesting that Nintendo is finally catching up with pay to play trends which are usually home to mobile games. They’ve dabbled in DLC with game Smash Brothers and Mario Kart and I’ve probably missed something but this surprised me. It’s plainly aimed at kids with its presentation but I wonder how much money they’ll actually make from it. As I said you do get free plays from time to time but it costs £0.90p for five plays which is way too expensive .

Another thing is how demanding of your attention it is. Every time I open the app that damn bunny has something new to teach you. It’s surprising how convoluted the whole experience is. Considering how simple the actual ‘game’ is, it can take a good few minutes to get there. They could be testing the waters for their own upcoming mobile releases or even titles for the NX console so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes but just so you know, I’m not going to be paying for this.