Bashing Buttons Episode 10

Published On March 25, 2016 | By Sean Harrison | Podcasts

Ten whole episodes, we’re practically in the big leagues now! In this Nintendo-centric episode of Bashing Buttons, we talk about the NX, what may happen to the Wii U, and Sean devises some Nintendo-orientated games for Ste to play.


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08:05 – What are we playing?

32:06 – News

48:53 – New Releases

57:16 – Top 5 Gameboy Titles

63:12 – Nintendo Games!

72:09 – Upcoming Nintendo Titles

79:52 – Nintendo NX Theories & Speculation

84:14 – Mailbag

95:15 – WE GO NOW

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Leaked Nintendo NX Controller?

NX-Controller-Leak-1 Nintendo-NX-Rumor-2-1280x720


Trackmania “Press Forward” Example:



None this week because we are awesome.