Play Expo Blackpool 2016 – What We Picked Up

Published On May 2, 2016 | By Stephen Johnston | Blogs, Events

On Saturday we hit the Play Expo Blackpool trade area in full force. Wanna know what we picked up? Sure you do!

Stephen’s haul


My plan going into the trading hall at Play Expo Blackpool this year was DreamCast games. That plan deviated when it was suggested (by my wife) that I could have a console for my birthday, and lo and behold a boxed Street Fighter 2 SNES (mainly pictured) hadoukened out of nowhere (well, at a store), so we managed to pick it up for £65. It’s slightly yellowed and the box is a bit tatty, hence the low-ish price.

So, having just acquired a DreamCast, I basically wanted a good varied bunch to get my teeth into and I feel I succeeded!

Those who listen to the podcast may remember that my Steam Roulette selection a few weeks ago was Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, and I was quite impressed and hoped to pick it up on console. Well, I managed to get a copy here for £11! I also picked up a copy of Jet Set Radio for £15. They also had a sealed copy for £25 but I’d like to play it! I’ve never really got the fascination for obtaining sealed games, it’s not really why I collect. Next up, I picked up Soulcalibur (£10) and Virtua Fighter 3tb: Project (£4.50). I have a new interest in picking up fighting games, particularly after being so enamoured by Street Fighter V! Last up, Sonic Adventure. Now, I’ve never been quite kind to the spikey blue ‘hog, post Sonic 2, but I can’t pretend that there aren’t titles like Adventure that are well regarded and worth a second look.

Before leaving I picked up a couple of PS1 games; Syndicate Wars and Heart of Darkness. Both were £5 and in great condition. Heart of Darkness even had the 3D glasses!

So that was my Play Expo Blackpool haul!


Sean’s Haul

2016-05-02 00.34.00

Hard to believe that 7 games and a Japanese PS2 drum cost £300, the cost of retro video games these days are getting barbaric! Quick run down of cost:

Chibi-Robo – £90

Taiko No Tatsujin + Game – £50

Quest for Camelot – £13

Cool Spot Goes to Hollywood – £16

Shadow Hearts – £25

.hack Outbreak – £50

.hack Quarantine – £50


Chibi-Robo was easily the steal of the show, for me. I’d seen copies sell for around £100 and knew it was one of the highest-valued games on the Gamecube (The other two being Kirby’s Air Ride and Fire Emblem Path of Radiance). By buying it now whilst it was “cheap”, it’ll be easier than having to fork out £200 in 5 years (Because you know these things only increase in value over time..)

If you’re not familiar what the .hack series is all about, think of it as an offline MMO, 2 years before World of Warcraft came out (Thus setting the scene for future MMO’s I like to think). You play a regular guy who plays a game called “The World” online with other people (But you’re not actually online). You can receive emails on your home computer about “The World” and you can log in to play whenever you want. The first game has a level cap and to continue the story and reach higher levels, you needed to buy the next game in the series. There are 4 games total, .hack/Infection, .hack/Mutation, .hack/Outbreak & .hack/Quarantine.  The last 2 in the series are damn expensive, the first two are about half the price. It’s because the series lost popularity as it went on and less copies were made of the final 2 games.

Quest for Camelot was just a cool game from my childhood and Cool Spot Goes to Hollywood I’ve never seen a copy in the flesh before, so I wanted that as well. Taiko No Tatsujin on the other hand is a funny one. As you can probably guess, it never got a release in PAL or US territories, strictly Japan only. I played it for the first time at Play Expo Manchester back in 2014, you bang a drum in time to a beat, pretty simple really. As a mega lover of rhythm games, I needed to have my own copy and saw this as an opportunity to finally fulfil that criteria, huzzah!

Art-wise, Amy bought 3 signed Sonic art prints, a Hama/Perler bead framed piece of Tails & Dizzy (For me!)

2016-05-02 12.22.30

All in all 10/10, would expo again (As it allows me to fulfil my obvious addiction)